What is Couple Fire? How does it work?

Couple Fire is an interesting combination of a photo sharing site, a social bookmarking site and a social network, that comes together in a virtual bulletin board format.  It is designed to be cultivated over time.

Setting up your boards

When you sign up for a free account, you can create your first collection or ‘Board,’ select a name, description and add your partner to it, allowing him or her to contribute images, links and more.

You can instantly start to add items to your Board from the share box right below your cover image. Like on Facebook, adding a link to the box automatically attaches it to your post. As you add links and updates to the Board, you can also add specific posts to your favorites.

Interacting with your partner

All content in your Boards is viewable by both you and your partner.  Both of you can add content and comments on different posts.  For better or worse, your Boards are only as good as the work you and your partner put into it.

couples, relationships, virtual boardInteracting with the Couple Fire community

You can also add content from the community board.  If you see a piece of content you like, add it to Faves by selecting the Flame button or add it to one of your Boards by selecting the +.  This way you and your partner can get inspired by other cool ideas.

How you can use Couple Fire

Couple Fire is a social site for sharing your favorite images and links, with the added ability to share status updates for just you and your partner.  Couples always have complete control over what they want to post to their private Boards.

Couples can create Boards dedicated to chronicling personal relationships, memories, travel ideas, dreams and more.  It is a great tool for creating a beautiful visual account of your life, memories, or anything you want it to be.


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