Wish you could have a private Pinterest board? Now you can

As you plan your wedding, design your baby’s first room, or come up with date ideas for you and your fiancé, do you really want the whole world to be able to see what you post on Pinterest?

Here are some telling comments from a WeddingBee forum:

  • “I wish my facebook friends would stop following me on pinterest… now they all know I have an extreme case of baby fever!  Lol, I’ve been posting so much on my nursery inspiration board I’m just waiting for rumors to start.”  Swanks3tw
  • “I agree!  I don’t want people seeing my wedding inspiration!  I’m holding back all the real photos I have… I wish we could keep people from following us!  TopazWedding
  • “UGH!  I feel your pain!  We are pregnant and I want to pin all sorts of baby stuff but don’t want anyone to get any ideas!  So I have been holding back but it has been killing me!”  PennyLainne

Sounds to me that people need private boards!  That way they won’t have to spill the news too early on Pinterest since on Pinterest everything you do is public to whoever wants to view your boards.

With Couple Fire you can create private boards – in fact your boards are by default set to private.  The content on our community inspiration boards is tailored specifically for couples, and our “Post it” button lets you post absolutely anything* from the internet (including Pinterest) to private Couple Fire boards.  All your personal boards are created just between you and your significant other.  That way he or she is the first and only person to see your ideas and comments are kept between the two of you.

*Please see our privacy policy.


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